PPURA GmbH, Wartburgstrasse 1, CH 4657 Dulliken
Telefon: +41 (0)62 295 32 27, Fax: +41 (0)62 295 32 28, E-Mail:
Geschäftsführer: Cemal Cattaneo
Handelsregisteramt: Kanton Solothurn, Registernummer: CH-, Ust-ID-Nr: DE266293587

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Our story

Ever since we were little our mothers- to us the two best cooks in the world- have really spoilt us when it came to food. As we grew up together, both of us enjoyed our mammas´ cooking skills on numerous Sundays seated on long tables amongst our family. On these occasions, we especially loved the homemade pasta with the excellent sauces that went with it.

Still this period of life even comes to an end for sons of Italian mothers. We were forced to go out into the big bad world. From this point on we were only able to enjoy those perfect pasta dishes on one of our rare visits home. After years of missing our mothers’ food, we came up with an idea: the creation of pastas and sauces that could stand up to our mammas’ dishes without compromising.

It took us a long time- but we made it. It was not until we tried our creations at that long table with our family that the feedback was so good that we decided to dedicate ourselves entirely to PPURA.

We are only at the beginning but all this would never have been possible without the endless cooking-knowledge and support from our mothers, Lina and Luisa. Grazie!

Cattaneo & Floccari