PPURA GmbH, Wartburgstrasse 1, CH 4657 Dulliken
Telefon: +41 (0)62 295 32 27, Fax: +41 (0)62 295 32 28, E-Mail:
Geschäftsführer: Cemal Cattaneo
Handelsregisteramt: Kanton Solothurn, Registernummer: CH-, Ust-ID-Nr: DE266293587

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Our philosophy

Besides perfection and passion for all our products, we strongly believe that in our times companies should take responsibility for our environment and society, but without political ambition or for a marketing effect.

1. Only best organic ingredients

Extraordinary products can only be developed with extraordinary ingredients. Due to the fact that we do not compromise and only use ingredients of impeccable quality from the best producing regions, the pure and pristine taste of our products, which are of course 100% organic and without added preservatives, is ensured.

2. Respect for Italy´s culinary traditions and excellent "arte di fare"

While making our products we let the ingredients take all the time they need and gladly support the traditional craftsmanship in doing so. Because we firmly believe that products with excellent taste need to be handled in a loving and gentle way, we willingly accept the longer production times needed for this because it simply tastes better.

3. Affection for our natural resources

We want to play our small part in conserving nature´s diversity. That is why we find it very important for our natural resources to be protected and treated with care. It means for us that all our ingredients come from sustainable, ecological agriculture and are handled at small, local manufacturers that cover their power demand with renewable energies. Additionally, our packaging is- as much as possible- made from biodegradable materials.

4. Social responsibility

Since we were children, we have loved the story of Robin Hood. Therefore, we would like to use our work to help the less fortunate in having a share of global wealth. That means that besides working with socially responsible manufacturers we also support charitable projects.